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If this is your first experience with meditation, don’t worry you’re in safe hands! Soul Meditation is a simple-to-do transformative practice that focusses on enhancing your emotional wellbeing and releasing stress. The Soul Meditation technique is sacred and effortless.

What is Soul Meditation?

Soul Meditation is different from some other techniques you might have tried.  We focus on what happens on the inside when we are meditating and on the process of how stress is released. The technique emphasises an effortless approach which releases stress from the body and mind, enhances emotional well-being, mental clarity and physically rechsteph 4arges the body through the timeless art of meditation.

With regularity, a daily practice of just 20 minutes yields these benefits in a few short weeks, and my students overwhelmingly testify to the transformative nature of the technique. The technique itself is for anyone who wishes to more successfully navigate the modern world and move beyond the patterns of fear and limitation that we are all prey to: it is simple to understand, universal and suitable for all ages.  I will guide you through one-on-one, step by step Soul Meditation practice. Once learned, this technique is yours for life, to use whenever you need it!

What should you expect on the day?

You will experience exactly what it feels like to meditate effortlessly. The beauty of learning through personal tuition with an experienced teacher is that we work at your pace, and this is all about you.  The technique of Soul Meditation is so simple that once learned, you cannot get it wrong.  It is relaxed and informal, it will leave you feeling rejeuvenated and inspired to start your own daily practice.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket.

The Soul Meditation course can be learnt in a variety of ways, which one suits you?

In a small group on a one day course.  The one day course starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm.

One-to-one, split over two sessions each lasting 2 hours. This can be days that suit your schedule.

Learn within a small groups, via Skype or 1-1 in our therapy room.

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Who is this course for?

The course is suitable for beginners as well as those who have experience of any type of meditation.  It is perfect for those with busy lives who want to release deep rooted stress and connect to more of their true self in life.

How do I find out more?
You’re interested in working with me? That’s great, you can click Book Now to go straight to the bookings page.  However, if you’d like more information before
booking, then I’d love to chat to you!  Let’s start with booking you a free 20 minute consultation – just for you.

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