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Congratulations! You’re pregnant, how wonderful. Pregnancy is a truly magical and inspiring time, but it can also be a little bit emotional and a little stressful too, right?  If that sounds familiar, then you’ve come to the right place.  Soul Meditation is for you…both of you.

At no other time in a woman’s life does she experience such massive hormonal fluctuations as during pregnancy.  Those hormonal changes don’t just affect you, they affect your baby too.  Studies published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology, have shown that from a gestational age of 17 weeks, higher levels of stress hormone cortisol in a mother’s blood are reflected in higher levels of cortisol in the amniotic fluid.

“We are all a product of our developmental history, and one of the times when we are most susceptible to the influences of our surrounding environment is when we are developing as a foetus”.

Remaining as stress-free as possible during pregnancy is important for mother and baby, but is easier said than done.  Pregnancy itself can give rise to all sorts of feelings and mood swings from elation to fear, anxiety and back to happiness all in quick succession.  That’s why I created Soul Meditation.

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During my pregnancy I intuitively felt I was meditating for two, and deepened and refined my daily practice. I was rewarded with a deep, loving bond and prenatal relationship with my unborn son, an empowered and conscious birthing experience and a physical recovery of my body and well-being in record time. I developed a meditation course specifically for pregnant mothers, parents and families in order to pass on this gift to others.  This is my gift to you.

Having a strong support network during pregnancy is important.  I want to be part of that by helping you to:

  • Be more resilient;
  • Connect with your body and baby;
  • Deal with the inevitable mood swings and stress that are a natural part of pregnancy;
  • Have the most positive pregnancy you can have;
  • Develop a deep loving bond with your unborn child;
  • Have an empowered and conscious birthing experience;
  • Recover your well-being in record time.

What Does the Course Involve?

The technique emphasises an effortless approach which releases stress from the body and mind, enhances emotional well-being, mental clarity and physically recharges the body through the timeless art of meditation.

The Soul Meditation for Pregnancy course can be completed during one day, or can be split into multiple sessions to be conducted over a number of days at your convenience. The one day course starts at 10am and finishes at 5:30pm. You can always book as many follow up sessions as you feel you might need. However, on completion of the course you will be fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to conduct your own 20 minute Soul Meditation practice at home whenever you need it.  With regular daily practice, you will achieve fantastic results and have the pregnancy and birthing experience you truly deserve.


Interested?  Click here to sign up to Soul Meditation for Pregnancy and achieve the experience you and your baby deserve.

Still not sure?  Then why not try a free, no commitment, 20 minute consultation with Toni.