Soul Meditation

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Soul Meditation

Next course is Sunday 31st July 10-5pm at Halton Mill. Learn to meditate effortlessly with Soul Meditation. This is a gift for you, release stress, tension and allow the true you to shine. It’s like a shower for the mind.

Meditation for Pregnancy

A meditation course specifically for pregnant mothers, parents and families. Discover more about the Soul Meditation for Pregnancy course.

Further Courses

Next course is happening on Sunday 14th August 10-5pm. This for those that have learnt to meditate and want to go further on your journey. A perfect day course that allows you to dive deeper in a very gentle and loving way.


Soul Meditation is a Sacred and Effortless meditation practice
A simple daily practice that will change your life for the better

Soul Meditation is an effortless approach which releases stress from the body and mind, enhances emotional well-being, mental clarity and physically recharges the body through the timeless art of meditation. Soul Meditation is for anyone who wishes to more successfully navigate the modern world and move beyond the patterns of fear and limitation that we are all prey to: it is simple to understand, universal and suitable for all ages.

Meet your teacher

Toni and James have both felt huge changes since meditating and feel it is a gift to pass on this necessary skill
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Toni Fraser Brennand

Teacher of Meditation
Toni teaches an effortless meditation technique similar to Transcendental Meditation. She learned the technique from Eliza Harrison at the Dent Meditation Centre in 2010. She completed the Iuna Mediation teacher training programme in 2012 and has since taught over 100 students.
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James Fraser

Teacher of Meditation
James comes from a psychology background and was initially skeptical about learning to meditate. He was however sufficiently intrigued to try it out. He found the experience totally transformative and life enhancing. He now feels what connection is and how it flows abundantly in his daily life.


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